The Captain Calisthenics Physique Program

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Benefits of the Program:

✅ No more guessing whether or not your hours of hard work are being wasted 

✅ Efficient and effective workouts, no wasted effort

✅ Very in-depth chapters explaining every training aspect 

✅ Only the BEST exercises with full explanations of why they are chosen

✅ Only need a pair of rings

✅ Avoids overtraining and creating a counterproductive systemic burden 

✅ Begin progressing NOW rather than spinning your wheels month-over-month

           This program will show you how to train in the most optimal way for massive and rapid hypertrophy– no useless exercises, no junk sets, no gimmicks, and no excuses, as you are holding the exact map you need in order to reach your genetic muscular potential.

          Every aspect of the system has a strong reason behind it, and you will no longer have to wonder if you are throwing your time and energy away each week on poor training protocols that may hardly yield any results. 

          In this comprehensive calisthenics hypertrophy program, we cover everything from A-Z. I guarantee that the material in this is 10X more in-depth and helpful than everything else online. If you think my videos are well-done and insightful, then you will be more than pleased with what this course has to offer, as my YouTube content is barely scratching the surface.

Part 1: Principles of Training

-exactly why every aspect of my programs is the way it is; understand rationally so you are never forced to just "follow instructions" again and wonder if the system will really work

-scheduling/training splits as well as showing what is optimal 


-high-intensity strategies

-why certain exercises are better than others (optimal exercise selection) 

-methods you can use to continue progressing and overcome plateaus 

....much more

Part 2: The Mental Side of Calisthenics

-mastering the crucial mental game (very overlooked!)

-preventing burn-out altogether/overcoming it in a systematic manner

-how to use deloads and when days off are acceptable or even recommended 

-diet and supplements

-physique changes

-training mindset

....much more

Part 3: Exercise Demonstrations 

-in-depth explanations and videos for all of the exercises I teach

-explanations of why they are superior to the alternatives

Part 4: Complete Training Programs

-this is where I put everything together into complete training programs with all factors considered 


        I wasted years of training with very minimal progress, but there is no reason you should have to do the same now that you have this asset available to you. With this course, everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-digest manner.

          Parts 1-2 fully empower you with all the knowledge you ever will need in fitness so that you are never duped by time-wasting methods and grifters again– a perfect example of "teaching a man to fish" vs. just "giving a man a fish". 

        There are no stones left unturned in this program– you will have all of the tools you need to train your physique in the most effective manner possible. 

         Once you have purchased the program, go to the "program access" tab in the site menu. 

         30-day money-back guarantee; just email me at I get that some people are nervous buying online content or paying for something that just isn't all that it was made out to be, and while you have my full guarantee that this program is all you will need to transform your training and your physique, I am happy to refund anyone who decides the program is not for them for whatever reason. That being said, the course fully delivers on all of its promises.